Kitchen Village is a concept created by Chef Vasilis Karanikolas, who was born in Kastoria on July 11, 1983. He grew up in Argos Orestikon and by the time he completed his high school education, in 2001, he knew that becoming a chef would be his life’s passion. He enrolled in “Le Monde” Cooking Academy in Athens and became a Chef.

His first professional appointments in the field of restaurants were during his studies. He initially begun working in restaurants to complement his income and at the same time gain practice and expertise on his favorite hobby, cooking.

Today he has come even closer to his goals. He feels he was born to be a cook and loves Greek cuisine. He enjoys trying new things and discovering unique flavors.  He has a passion for good quality food and this is one of the elements of his success.

He pays great care to discovering the best raw materials and to transform them in a way that brings out the best in them. He has travelled a lot in order to educate and immerse himself in international culture and cuisine as well as to further his knowledge of food and the restaurant industry and has delved in many culinary traditions in Greece as well as abroad. He is extremely interested in the process of cooking and is always preparing food with passion and sentiment.

With the technical knowledge of a professionally trained chef and a lifetime of Greek home cooking, the chef draws equally upon his heritage and professional training to produce authentic, as well as some of the most creative and delicious interpretations of Greek cuisine.


Restaurant Menu Creation

Do you need a new menu or to train your staff on new dishes?

The Kitchen Village Chefs are here to help you!

Private cooking

Would you like to host a private lunch, dinner or cooking lesson by professional chefs? You can get in touch with the Kitchen Village chefs in order to experience a real culinary feast with professional service as well as a reliable and sincere approach to your individual catering needs.